Woodstock High School

Awards & Honors


Although there were no individual awards for our students this year, the combined student team score gave us 4th place team out of nine teams competing.
Caden Fosnaugh
Brandon Gulli
Linzie Hahn
Kate Jacobs
Chris King
Ammar Mehmood
Dan Nattress
Alex Parker
Marlene Rocha
Alex Parker came back from 1000 points down in individual jeopardy to take third place for our school!  Alex answered four of the last eight questions asked!


Qualified for Algebra 1 Finals:
Mason Hurless
Kenna Miles
Alex Fetzner
Maddie Scolio
Ben Thuma
Erica Lande (didn' t qualify, but will go to state because 6 freshmen are allowed on the Algebra 1 team)
Qualified for Geometry Finals:
Jose Botello
Miguel Alvarez
Michael Gavran
Andrew Ahmeti
Alexis Zepeda
Anthony Thomas 
Qualified for Algebra 2 Finals:
Ben Hernacki
Andrew Shelton
Lizbeth Martinez
Andrew Brewer
Spencer Hanson (will be replaced by Cullen Brown because he can't attend due to other conflicts)
Luke Kleinfelter (will be replaced by Kelly Read because he can't attend due to other conflicts)

Marketing Class and FBLA place at MCC Marketing Challenge

The Marketing class and Business Club (FBLA) attended the 5th annual Marketing Challenge at MCC.  The students had 1 hour to prepare a non-electronic presentation on a new marketing plan and slogan for Jersey Mike's Subs catering.  There were 48 teams competing. Woodstock had four teams in the competition and placed 3rd and 4th place.  The top three teams had to present a second time in front of all 48 teams and a panel of judges.

Please congratulate the following students on their 3rd and 4th place finishes at the MCC Marketing Challenge.

FBLA Business Club  Third Place
Caden Fosnaugh
Chris King
Jade Bellairs
Parker Burton
Samantha Byrnes
Marketing Class  Fourth Place
Nick Kubiak
Adam Krauser
Tyler Peake
Dan Nattress
Nic Ihssen


Jose Alanis, Matthew Berna, Leah Dechant, Alondra Flores, Larry Flores, Abby Iden, Ronan Nevitt, Fernando Orozco Cruz, David Shinherr, and Diana Spokas


The Blue Streak Math-letic Program took home several honors in the 14-team regional competition. As a school, WHS captured 5th place.

The Algebra 1 Team (Alex Fetzner, Mason Hurless, Kenna Miles, Maddie Scolio, Ben Thuma) placed 3rd.
The Geometry Team (Andrew Ahmeti, Miguel Alvarez, Jose Botello, Michael Gavran, Anthony Thomas, Alexis Zepeda) placed 2nd.
The Algebra 2 Team (Andrew Brewer, Spencer Hanson, Ben Hernacki, Luke Kleinfelter, Lizbeth Martinez, Andrew Shelton) placed 3rd.

The three teams will wait until March 15 to find out if they received a bid to the state competition. 

For their individual performances, Andrew Ahmeti and Alex Fetzner have already punched their ticket to the ICTM State Math Contest in Champaign.  Andrew finished in 3rd out of 84 competitors in Geometry.  Alex finished in 3rd out of 81 competitors in Algebra 1.  Way to go Double A and The Fetz!


160 LB 2A SECTIONAL CHAMPION - KEVIN ZANGE. At sectionals, Kevin earned a 3-2 victory over Mt. Carmel's Nathanial Morris in the championship finals. His opponent was 36-0 and ranked #4 in Illinois heading into the final and Kevin overcame a 2-0 deficit by scoring 3 points in the third period to upset his heavily favored opponent. After missing last year's state series and most of the season with an injury, Kevin is now 21-2 and ranked #9 in Illinois at 160 lbs. He was 2nd in the Fox Valley Conference two weeks ago and a Regional Champion last weekend in Harvard. He qualified for state as a sophomore and is heading back ready to battle.

182 LB 2A SECTIONAL CHAMPION - NICHOLAS SUNDBERG. Nick became the 182 lb Fox Valley Conference Champion two weeks ago and 2A Regional Champion last weekend. Yesterday he became the 2A 182 lb Sectional champion with a pin in the first period of his championship final match over Glenbrook South's Numan Ayhan (38-3). Nick is ranked #3 in the state at 182 lbs and will be one of the top seeds going into the IHSA State Finals next week. Nick's record is now 35-4 and he is undefeated against 2A wrestlers this season. Nick qualified for state as a sophomore but missed last year's state series with an injury. He's ready to make a huge return as a senior.

285 LB 2A SECTIONAL 4TH PLACE - DEVANTE' MARTYNE.Devante' finished fourth in the 2A Antioch Sectional, winning four of his six matches Friday and Saturday. He pinned state ranked Xavier Sanchez of Antioch in the semifinal wrestle backs to qualify for the State Finals. His two losses were by decision to the same wrestler, #5 ranked James Valentino from St. Viator in the quarterfinals and in the 3rd place medal match. Devante' was third in the FVC and third at the Harvard Regional. This is a huge accomplishment for "Big D," as he just started in the sport of wrestling last season. 

It was a great weekend of wrestling for the City of Woodstock, as Woodstock North and Marian Central also qualified three wrestlers each for State. Congrats to all nine of the Woodstock area state qualifiers!

15-16 ACT 30+ Club

Michael Brookstein, Brian Chang, Tess Devinger, Leonel Evans, Kathryn Ferguson, Amanda Gelasi, Megan Hansen, Marissa Krueger, Elizabeth Kruse, Timothy Larson, Jordan Loacker, Patrick McGrath, Natalia Olivas, Brecken Overly, Leighanne Pala, Brian Peiffer, Daniel Regna, Gregory Rowan, Spencer Stumpff, Maclain Thornton, Austin Zalke, Amy Zhang

15-16 Illinois State Scholars

Alyssa Brewer, Michael Brookstein, Brian Chang, Benjamin Detwiler, Tess Devinger, Annah Ellingson, Leonel Evans, Kathryn Ferguson, Amanda Gelasi, Megan Hansen, Marissa Krueger, Elizabeth Kruse, Timothy Larson, Jordan Loacker, Patrick McGrath, Karen Mendez-Avila, Natalia Olivas, Fernando Orozco Cruz, Brecken Overly, Leighanne Pala, Brian Peiffer, Gregory Rowan, Aeshaben Soni, Spencer Stumpff, Maclain Thornton, Austin Zalke, Amy Zhang


This was the last "regular season" meet and the largest meet of the year (14 schools participated). Our team finished in 4th place overall, and many individual students placed in the top four, earning them ribbons, medals, and/or trophies. 
Individual events:  6 students per school participate (84 participants)
Algebra 1 Individual event:  Alex Fetzner (1st place) and Ben Thuma (3rd place)
Geometry Individual event:  Andrew Ahmeti (2nd place), Jose Botello (3rd place), and Michael Gavran (4th place)
Algebra 2 Individual event:  Luke Klinefelter and Spencer Hanson (tied for 4th)
Pre-Calculus Individual event:  Jordan Loacker (4th place)
Team events:  2 teams per school participate (28 teams)
Junior/Senior 8-person Team event - 4th place:  The team consisted of Kitt Garmisch, Brian Chang, Jordan Loacker, Eric Bojs, Spencer Hanson, Luke Klinefelter, Cullen Brown, and Andrew Brewer.
Calculator Team event - 4th place:  The team consisted of Eric Bojs, Kitt Garmicsh, Luke Klinefelter, Jose Botello, and Alex Fetzner
Freshman/Sophomore 2-person Team event - 1st place:  The team consisted of Jose Botello and Alex Fetzner
Geometry Team event - 1st Place:  The team consisted of Andrew Ahmeti, Jose Botello, Michael Gavran, Alexis Zepeda, and Ali Garcia
Number Trivia - 2nd Place:  The team consisted of Eric Bojs, Ben Hernacki, and Andrew Ahmeti


The math team competed against 11 other schools at the NIATM Math Contest at Rockford University.  Anthony Thomas placed 2nd in Geometry and Maddie Scolio placed 4th in Algebra 1.  The Calculator Team of Kitt Garmisch, Luke Klinefelter, and Jordan Loacker placed 4th

MATH TEAM - FVC Math Contest

Anthony Thomas tied for 3rd in Geometry, and Jose Botello finished 7th in Geometry. 


12th Grade

Eric Bojs, Alyssa Brewer, Brian Chang, Leah Dechant, Tess Devinger, Annah Ellingson, Leonel Evans, Kathryn Ferguson, Madeleine Ferguson, Kitt Garmisch, Adrian Geske, Megan Hansen, Kathleen Holub, Marissa Krueger, Elizabeth Kruse, Timothy Larson, Jordan Loacker, Karen Mendez-Avila, Fernando Orozco Cruz, Brecken Overly, Leighanne Pala, Gregory Rowan, Aeshaben Soni, Nyssa Stell, Spencer Stumpff, Brianna Weiss, Amy Zhang

11th Grade

Vanessa Adams, Timothy Andersson, Ryan Baier, Cameron Brand, Cullen Brown, Kathryn Dawdy, Paxson Dechant, Shannon Fetzner, Yesenia Flores, Spencer Hanson, Samuel Hughes, Samantha Jones, Luke Klinefelter, William Maidment, Dakota McCoy, Madeline Neubauer, Ashley Peake, Kyle Ratway, Kelly Read, Caysie Reuter, Noah Robey, Gabriella Scolio, Isobela Solberg, Lauryn Stewart, Justin Tillman, Emily Tobias, Joshua Turner, Cora Uidl, Christian Villavicencio, Jared Warmbier, Audrey Wojnicki, Benjamin Woodson, Connor Zankle

10th Grade

Miguel Alvarez, Aarianna Becerril, Jade Bellairs, Ciara Bellmore, Jose Botello-Herrera, Katherine Bryan, Fiona Child, Michael Gavran, Alyssa Gibson, Andrew Gippert, Christopher King, Jesselyn Koscinski, Mariana Kostova, Meghan McGrath, Thomas Monfeli, Abigail Primus, Faith Roskens, Courtney Sciarro, Sophia Shinherr, Taylor Spanbauer, Camryn Tafoya, Anthony Thomas, McKenna Thome, Nicole Troy, Caroline Wojcik

9th Grade

Andrew Adams, Lindsey Bartkowiak, Ethan Beth, Kamryn Bogott, Jack Cunningham, Ian Dawdy, Alexander Fetzner, Elisha Rose Gallosa, Kylie Hagmann, Camden Hanson, John Howe, Molly Hughes, Mason Hurless, Lauren Jacobs, Amy Keyzer, David Kruse, Erica Lande, Maximillian Lisowski, Grace Maidment, Emma Martin, Madison Martinez, Hailey Michelsen, Kenna Miles, Ishta Nabakka, Sophia Newman, Andrew Princer, Courtney Richter, Madeline Scolio, Madeline Thill, Benjamin Thuma, Riya Virani, Julia Walsdorf, Lauren Wietermann


12th Grade

Roberto Ayala, Matthew Berna, Emily Branscum, Emma Browne, Ruben Carreno, Riley Child, Kassandra Clanin, Zachary Cullum, Noah Dehn Franklin, William Edwards, Alondra Flores, Louisa Frost-Smith, Sam Geggie, Amanda Gelasi, Jessica Gilliland, Martin Halilaj, Emily Hansen, William Harter, Flor Hernandez-Lara, Melissa Hester, Jacob Hirst, Spencer Karolczak, Haley Konecny, Elijah Kruse, Nicholas Kubiak, Blair Kurka, Haley Kurzbuch, Luis Lopez, Hanna Major, Vincent Maltese, Skye McEstes, Patrick McGrath, Ammar Mehmood, Kayla Mulvihill, Daniel Mutter, Natalia Olivas, Alyssa Parsons, Brian Peiffer, Daniel Regna, Langdon Scott, Alexis Siems, Nathan Sites, Alyssa Slusser, Vannis Smith, Dylan Stevens, Nicholas Sundberg, Cameron Tom, Zurishaddai Vazquez, Phillip Walton, Dustin Wolf, Samuel Wright, Kayla Zingre

11th Grade

Jordyn Albrecht, Caroline Arana, Areianna Bein, Parker Burton, Aneliz Carbajal, Humberto Cervantes, Cesar Cruz, Samantha Curtis, Arlene Elias, Erin Fisher, Kyle Gogolewski, Mauro Gutierrez Ramirez, Linzie Hahn, Jillian Hampston, Luke Hodory, Nathaniel Hogue, Ryan Jandernoa, Nicolette Johnston, Elianna Kaufmann, Andrew Kohley, John Kubacha, Justin Kucharski, Justin Leith, Lance Lewis, Margaret Little, Lizbeth Martinez, Patience McKenzie, Alex Mueckenhoff, Alexandria Muschong, Taylor Nelson, Stephanie Nunez, Jax Obenchain, Estela Ojeda, Brenda Ordonez, Pooja Patel, Jordan Popoca, John Presisto, Jose Rodriguez, Caleb Ruff, Salvador Ruiz, Ciara Scott, Grace Sergel, Andrew Shelton, Cooper Smith, Olivia Sobieszczyk, Diana Spokas, Harleigh Welch, Georgia Wicker

10th Grade

Andrew Ahmeti, Alyssa Archambeau, Nathan Berna, Gavin Bishop, Joselyn Brown, Joanna Burn, Rafael Cabrera, Andy Cerritos, Ashley Chorney, Kayla Cooper, Destinee Dankemeyer, Kayla Deegan, Kyle Dehn Franklin, Geimi Diaz, Jocelyn Eisenmenger, Abigail Emricson, Peyton Erb, Jessica Flynn, Caden Fosnaugh, Litsy Freites, Breanna Funk, Molly Griffin, Dylan Grisolia, Carter Hansen, Madelyn Heidtke, Alexis Hernandez, Sara Hernandez, Alaina Leith, Franco Maltese, Emmie Marsili, Emma Mathison, Jatziri Mercado-Cruz, Lesly Gissel Montero, Paige Olandese, Jackson Parrish, Lynsie Pietrzak, Nicholas Rodriguez, Maria Ruiz, Alec Vandewalker, Simon Weir-Benham, Amanda Zingre

9th Grade

Jacob Aellig, Bella Arias, Ryan Azzaline, Wyatt Bliss, Jackson Bogus, Evan Bridges, Michael Brown, Eric Canaday, Bain Carton, Olivia Chambers, Jorge Contreras, Sarah Cornell, Hailie Crouch, Jackson Crouch, Brooklyn Crowley, Diego Cruz, Elana Dienhart, Emma Dorn, Gloria-Marianna Escobar, Maria Esquivel-Cervantes, Evelyn Estrada, Zoe Friedman, Anton Fudala, Evan Geske, Luis Gomez-Diaz, Carolina Gontarz, Ashley Gray, Sydnie Heidtke, Dylan Hughes, Elysa Ingeman, Jerelyn Jones, Kyle Knight, Armando Lamas, Madison Leetzow, Hope Leverenz, Maximus Lozowski, Kevin Martinez-Mondragon, Nolan McCoy, Riley McKenzie, Korrin Mecklenburg, Alexandra Miller, Abbey Mulvihill, Payton Nelson, Samuel Neubauer, Alexandra Norgard, Britney Radloff, Jessica Raymond, Nathaniel Rojas, Anna Rowan, David Shinherr, Amanda Sincere, Safa Subhani, Chandler Sullivan, Meghan Sutter, Bryce Swanson, Quinn Thornton, Ethan Toepper, Elvis Valadez, Caleb Warmbier, Jacob Waryck, Jordan Watson, Olivia Wilson


Miguel Alvarez, Jayline Godinez, Ashley Gray, Nate Hogue, Madison Leetzow, Patience McKenzie, Stephanie Nunez, Carlos Puga, Luis Puga, and Audrey Wojnicki

November Students of the Month

Andrew Adams, Andrew Arndt, Paul Ferguson, Jill Hampston, Flor Hernandez-Lara, Emmie Marsili, Tianna McKinnon, Travis Montalbano, Andy Princer, and Alec Vandewalker

Brian Chang - National Merit commended Student



Bradley Alfonso, Alyssa Brewer, Anthony Cervantes Brito, Thomas Deegan, Brianna Grunst, Spencer Hanson, Olivia Johnson, Chantal Reynoso, Salvador Ruiz, Justin Samuelson


The following 12 WHS choral students were selected to the District VII Honor Choir:
Caroline Arana 11, Soprano 2
Ryan Baier 11, Bass 2
Emma Browne 12, Soprano 1
Austin Ellegood 11, Bass 1
Sam Geggie 12, Tenor 1
Andrew Gippert 10, Tenor 2
Molly Griffin 10, Soprano 2
Katy Holub 12, Soprano 1
Maggie Little 11, Alto 2
Patience McKenzie 11, Alto 2
Micah Muhlenfeld 11, Bass 2
Nathan Sites 12, Bass 1

The District VII Honor Choir is made up of the top choral students in the entire Northeastern part of the state and is considered the most competitive of the nine districts in the state. There were about 800 choral students auditioning and each school could only send their top four students on each vocal part. Only the top quarter of the students auditioning were chosen for the Honor Choir, and then only the top few on each voice part were selected to the Illinois All-State Choir and All-State Honor Choir. The All-State selectees will not be announced until the first week in December.
The vocal audition consists of singing two chosen selections from five that the students prepared, sight reading, singing arpeggiated triads, and major and minor scales. 
Woodstock was one of the smaller schools auditioning in the district. There were only 5 other schools that had more students selected. 


The following students participated in a highly competitive audition process for admittance into the Illinois Music Educators Association District 7 Honor Band and Jazz Band:
Kelly Read-Clarinet
Kathryn Dawdy-Bassoon
Connor Zankle-Bass Trombone
Lee Evans-Trumpet
Josey Brown-Contra Bass Clarinet
Nathan Sites (Jazz)-Trombone
Sam Jones (Jazz)-Trumpet
District 7 encompasses all school districts in the northwest suburbs from Niles all the way through Harvard. It is by far the top music district in the entire state and as such, if a student auditions into the ensemble, is one of the highest honors a student can earn. 
This is the highest number of participants that WHS has had in at least the last 7 years as 11% of our band program will be represented in this prestigious honor band. We placed in the top 10 schools for percentage of program represented and are very proud of our students and the accomplishments that they have attained this early in the year.

SEPTEMBER Students of the MONTH

Timothy Cardwell, Fiona Child, Ashley Chorney, Brandon Gulli, Blair Kurka, Ashley Peake, Nicole Schramel, Nathan Sites, Stephanie Soriano-Palma, Spencer Voyles

6th Annual AP Honor Roll

Woodstock Community Unit School District 200 is one of 15 districts in the State of Illinois to be honored by the College Board with placement on the 6th annual AP District Honor Roll.  The honor is given to districts in the U.S. and Canada that simultaneously achieved increases in access to Advanced Placement® courses for a broader number of students and also maintained or improved the rate at which their AP students earned scores of 3 or higher on an AP Exam, which in turn can be counted toward college credit at most universities.

In 2015, more than 3,800 colleges and universities around the world received AP scores for college credit, advanced placement, and/or consideration in the admissions process, with many colleges and universities offering credit in one or more subjects for qualifying AP scores. 

Inclusion on the 6th Annual AP District Honor Roll is based on the examination of three years of AP data, from 2013 to 2015, looking across 34 AP Exams, including world language and culture. The following criteria were used.

Districts must:

  • Increase participation/access to AP by at least 4 percent in large districts, at least 6 percent in medium districts, and at least 11 percent in small districts;
  • Increase or maintain the percentage of exams taken by black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, and American Indian/Alaska Native students; and
  • Improve or maintain performance levels when comparing the 2015 percentage of students scoring a 3 or higher to the 2013 percentage, unless the district has already attained a performance level at which more than 70 percent of its AP students are scoring a 3 or higher.

District 200 has met or exceeded each of these criteria and is honored to be included on the 6th Annual AP District Honor Roll for the State of Illinois.

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