Woodstock High School

PLTW Presentations Progress to Concept Phase

On April 25th and May 2nd for the first time two Project Lead the Way groups, led by Mike McCleary Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Committee and Director of Public Works Jeff Van Landuyt, gave a presentations to the District 200 Board of Education and Woodstock City Council addressing the idea of a pedestrian bridge from the Woodstock North parking lot to the Merryman Fields.

The May 2nd presentation focused on installing a WiFi system in the historic Woodstock Square.  These projects are part of our Engineering Design and Development class, which is part of the Project Lead The Way program offered here at Woodstock High School.  The students are challenged in this class to take a look at their community and develop ideas to improve their community in terms of transportation and parks and recreation.  This program is partnered with both commissions of the Woodstock City Council. These projects have taken all school year to develop and include a price quote for all materials and installation, in addition to presenting their working prototype. At school year's end, the project is still at concept stage for a prototype.  The projects are not yet funded or "built" to install.  If the City is able to get funding, then the project would have to be professionally designed and engineered.  Both projects were published in Woodstock Independent and the WiFi in the square project made recognition for being published in the Northwest Daily Herald and being announced on Chicago NBC news channel 5.

Great job, PLTW students, in your efforts to make Woodstock even more amazing!  



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