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Homework Hotline - access teacher pages below 

Many teachers have created personal websites for important class information and homework assignments. Students and parents may access individual teacher websites/homework assignments by first clicking the department link below then the teacher's link. If no link is provided for web access/homework assignments, click the teacher's name to access his/her e-mail.

Teachers are listed below in alphabetical order by department. Simply click the appropriate department from the list to view teachers' names, e-mail access, and websites within that department.

Academy of CHANGES Mathematics
Art - Visual, Commercial, Graphic Music
Bilingual/English Language Learners (ELL) PE, Health, Driver Ed.
Business Schooling Counseling
English Science
Family/Consumer Science Social Studies
Industrial Technology Special Education
Learning Resource Center World Language

Academy of CHANGES

Alex Baker  

Art - Visual, Commercial, Graphic

Dave Bliss  

Bilingual, English Language Learners (ELL)

Bartholomew Labuz  


Steven R. Thompson Website


Lisa Beard  
Heather Brown - Division Chair  
JoLynn Foster Website
Christine Keogh-Baker  
Michael Kerns  
Elon Shaffer

AP and Mythology students should reference their homework using their Google Classroom accounts.

Science fiction students should log in to their canvas account at https://wcusd200.instructure.com/login.

Tony Walker

Victoria Zaplatosch  

Family/Consumer Science

Tami Robinette  

Industrial Technology

Sandra Brainard Website
Pete Catan  
Dale Daugherity  
Jeffrey Griffith

CLOUD-based curriculum
for all PLTW classes - must
have access codes given
in class 

Nationwide PLTW Website

Jason Huber

CLOUD-based curriculum
for all PLTW classes - must
have access codes given
in class 

Nationwide PLTW Website

Dustin Smith  
Steve Thompson - Division Chair for
Business, Family/Cons Sci, Industrial Tech

CLOUD-based curriculum
for all PLTW classes - must
have access codes given
in class 

Nationwide PLTW Website

Steven R. Thompson Website 

Learning Resource Center

Belena Garza LRC Website


Jeremy Boswell Website
Steve Erwin Website
Laure Foerster Website
Brigid Fujino Website
Jai Sharma


Kathleen Sima - Division Chair Website
Charlotte Wilson  
Jane Turley Website
Krista Volden  


Paul Rausch - Division Chair for LRC, Art, Music  
Richard Stiles Website

Physical Education, Health, Driver Education

Steve Beard  Website
PE Website
Jonathan Brown PE Website
Megan McGuire  
Robert Mickey PE Website
Meghan Brown PE Website
Matthew Prill - Division Chair PE Website

School Counseling

Sophia Baier, Social Worker  
Veronica Salazar, Counselor  
Shannon Landweh, Counselor Website
Connee Meschini  
Anne Rogers, Counselor Website
College/Career Readiness
College, Career, Scholarship, Financial Aid, etc.


Baret Bailey  
Peter Hansen - Division Chair Website
Helen Ledanski Website
Jake Porter Website 
Jarrod Ragusin  
Tressa Sharma - Div Chair  
Kim Slaughter

Honors Biology

Raquel Soto-Lopez  

Social Studies

Carolina Giraldo U.S. History
World History 
AP Psychology
Mark Hansen  
John Headley - Division Chair AP Psychology 
Corey Janisch  Sociology
US History
Bill Macaulay Website
Katie Macaulay Website
AP European History
John Oliveira World History
Honors Geography
Maria Angeles Aranda Blesa  

Special Education

Rebecca Aldridge Website
Bridget Fitzsimons  
Karianne Compton  
Mariah Koleno Website 
Dave Masey  Website
Kristen Smith - Division Chair Website 

World Languages

Bronte Borter  
Cristina Codina  
Deeann Duli  
Amber Grace  
Sharon Horwath  
Andrea Isabelli Website
Bartholomew Labuz  
Linda Radke - Division Chair for Bilingual, Ell,
World Languages
Jack Walsdorf Website
Wei Wang  



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