Woodstock High School

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Woodstock High School

Woodstock High School
501 W. South Street
Woodstock, IL 60098

Main Office Phone:  815-338-4370
Main Office Fax:  815-334-0811
To Report Absences:  815-337-8625

Assistant Principals' Offices:  815-206-2244
Attendance Office:  815-206-2243
Counceling Office:  815-337-3031
Coundeling Office Fax:  815-337-1807
Athletic Office:  815-337-3030
Athletic Office Fax:  815-337-5414
Nurse's Office:  815-206-2261
Theater Tickets:  815-206-4361

Principal:  Justin Smith, EdD
Assistant Principal:  Matt Boland
Assistant Principal:  Art Vallicelli, EdD
Athletic Director:  Glen Wilson
Dean of Students:  Jonathon Grell
Principal's Secretary:  Vanessa Buchanan

Division Chairs
Career and Technology:
Steven Thompson
English: Elon Shaffer
Fine Arts: Paul Rausch
Counseling: Shannon Landwehr
Mathematics: Kathleen Sima
Physical Education/Health/Driver Ed: Matt Prill
Science: Tressa Sharma
Social Studies: John Headley
Special Education: Kristen Smith
World Language: Linda Radke

Start TIme:  8:20 a.m.  (Zero Hour:  7:20 a.m. - 8:10 a.m.)
Dismissal Time:  3:15 p.m.
Office Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Enrollment:  1,027

Grades:  9-12



 Justin Smith, EdD - Principal, Woodstock High School

Justin Smith, EdD

 Matt Boland, Assistant Principal, Woodstock High School

Matt Boland
Assistant Principal 

 Art Vallicelli, EdD - Assistant Principal, Woodstock High School

Art Vallicelli, EdD Assistant Principal

  Glen Wilson, Athletic Director, Woodstock High School

Glen Wilson
Athletic Director


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